Download the ReachNow App, register and be driving in minutes.
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Pay By The Minute
Just pay for the time you use, whether it’s a minute, an hour or a day. Parking is always free in public spaces within the Home Area. Promotional pricing is just 41 cents per minute to drive and 30 cents to park.
One Way Rentals
You never have to finish where you start. Pick up a ReachNow car at A and drop it off at B. Our service is designed to be as flexible as your life.
Available In Your Neighborhood
Our cars are never out of reach. Pick up a car in your neighborhood, our Home Area covers most of Seattle.
Rates as attractive as our cars.
ReachNow is designed to be as flexible as your life. Our premium fleet of BMW, BMW i and MINI models ensures there is always a vehicle that meets your needs or matches your mood. Membership is simple, simply pay per use.
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BMW, BMW i and MINI at your fingertips.
Enjoy our line-up of premium cars. Our BMW 3 Series, BMW i3s and MINIs offer the most head-turning way to get around Seattle.
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The key is in your pocket.
The ReachNow App is as close as your smartphone. Download the App and be driving a BMW or MINI in minutes.
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