November Sunday Driving Special!

Now that it’s fall we know how busy the week can be. On Sunday, get out of town, spend the day exploring the city or tick off your errand list. We’ll give you a comfortable way to get around. Drive all day Sunday for the price of 2 hours, only $50.* Simply drive and the special pricing will be automatically applied.

*Special pricing only valid for trips started and ended on Sunday, November 6, 2016. Take a Qualifying Trip, then you will receive special rate cap of $50 plus applicable taxes and fees. Rate cap of $50 only valid on a single trip. You are fully responsible for any remaining Rental Cost after the discount is redeemed and for any applicable taxes related to the Rental Cost. If you do not take a Qualifying Trip and successfully redeem this discount by the expiration date for this promotion listed above, the discount will expire and you will not be able to use it. Pricing subject to change. Capitalized terms not defined above have the definitions ascribed to them in the ReachNow Membership Agreement you signed as a condition of membership in the ReachNow car sharing program. You can obtain additional information regarding this promotion by calling (844) 732-2466 or by going to

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