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As a Seattle resident living near Alki Beach, Alex Wong is Head of Growth for AskNicely, a software company that measures customer happiness. With a background working in sales and marketing for various technology and software companies, Alex is a dedicated relationship manager with a natural sales demeanour. When not spearheading new relationships and partnerships, you can find Alex taking photos, eating snacks, and enjoying the beach.

As an expert on customer happiness itself, we wanted to sit down with Alex to see how ReachNow’s BMW car sharing is doing with adding customer happiness to his day-to-day.


Q: How long have you been using ReachNow?

I’ve been using ReachNow since its beta testing period and now use it regularly 2-5 times per month.

Q: What do you love most about ReachNow?

Honestly, ReachNow is incredible. For whatever reason, I wasn’t fully convinced that I’d be driving a new, clean, beautiful BMW on the onset, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got in for my first Reach in Seattle. It’s so good I’d love to convince my carsharing friends to switch over to ReachNow.

Q: What do you use the service for?

I’ve been using carsharing programs for a while, and when I heard that ReachNow was the same price as some of the others, I decided it was a great idea to switch over. I love using a ReachNow BMW instead of riding the bus, and find it really useful as a one-way service when I want to meet friends for drinks downtown. This way I don’t have to worry about finding or paying for parking. I also think it’s a great idea for first dates.


Q: How does ReachNow make your life more convenient or more fun?

It’s really inexpensive and convenient because there are so many of them available. This makes my life easier, especially because I don’t need to worry about parking. I often take a ReachNow to a shared work space in Pioneer Square, where parking is scarce.

Q: Why do you prefer car sharing over car ownership?

I use both. I own a ‘95 Rav 4, but it’s not the most fun to drive, so I like to use a ReachNow as a better option from time-to-time.

This is our fourth installment of Member Profiles. Each month we will feature a different member and highlight how they use ReachNow. If you would like us to include your story, video or photo, please email us.

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