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Mike Sylvester
Producer/Keys, Fly Moon Royalty

Q: How long have you been using ReachNow?
A: Since the beta testing period

Q: What do you love most about ReachNow?
A: It’s almost always cheaper than Uber.  I think I’ve only taken 1 or 2 Uber rides since the launch of Reach Now (and that was because I was drinking). I don’t have to wait for slow Uber drivers to get to my house. I don’t have to direct inexperienced cab drivers on the best route through traffic. Driving a Mini Cooper is fun

Q: What do you use the service for?
A: Mostly everything. Getting back and forth from gigs.

Q: Do you have a ReachNow-related story that we should include?
A: I like ReachNow because even the MINI Cooper is big enough to get all my music equipment back and forth from gigs. It makes not owning a car in the city that much easier.

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