Member Profile: July

Anne is a Seattle native who works as a Community Engagement Officer and has a background in the private, nonprofit, and higher education sectors. When not undertaking corporate social responsibility strategies, you can find Anne riding her bike, admiring giraffes, or adding to her collection of vintage cast iron cookware.

As an early adopter of ReachNow, we sat down with Anne to see how our service is adding a flare to her life.

Q: How long have you been using ReachNow?
A: I’ve been using ReachNow car sharing since its beta testing and now use it regularly 2­5 times per month.

Q: What do you love most about ReachNow?
A: As an early adopter and evangelist to car sharing, I had some disappointing customer service experiences with some other car share companies, so I find it really exciting to have a new competitor (ReachNow!) in town to shake things up. I love the idea of car sharing in general, but I particularly love the fleet of ReachNow BMW vehicles the most. I love the BMW i3, I think I giggled the first time I drove it!

Q: What do you use the service for?
A: I live in Crownhill, 7 miles from downtown Seattle, so I often drive a ReachNow to come downtown. I’ll take the BMW instead of the bus, which is way more fun, and sometimes we will take a ReachNow BMW to a Sounders soccer game.

Q: How does ReachNow make your life more convenient or more fun?
A: ReachNow makes getting around the city a lot more convenient and a lot more fun. I love being able to combine ReachNow with other modes of mobility, like the bus or Uber.

Q: Why do you prefer car sharing over car ownership?
A: I share a car with my husband, and car sharing makes sharing one personal vehicle a lot easier. This way we never have to consider buying a second vehicle. Whether it’s the fun BMW i3 or the concept of car sharing in general that intrigues you to try out ReachNow, we’d love for you to discover how we can make your life more convenient and more fun.

This is our second installment of Member Profiles. Each month we will feature a different member and highlight how they use ReachNow. If you would like us to include your story, video or photo, please email us.

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