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Patrick is a real estate agent who lives in the Eastlake area of Seattle. Born and raised in Seattle, Patrick went to the University of Washington before finding his calling in the real estate industry, which started with working for Zillow five years ago. As a true Seattlite, Patrick loves trying new restaurants, going boating, and is most recently obsessed with the crossfit spinoff exercise called Orange Theory.

Patrick Buckley

Q: How long have you been using ReachNow?

I’ve been using ReachNow carsharing since it launched in Seattle with the beta testing. I heard about it and since it was the same price as the car share I was already using (except you get to drive a BMW!) it was a no-brainer to install the ReachNow app.

Q: What do you love most about ReachNow?

I love that there is always a great availability of vehicles, and the vehicles are nice, almost luxury cars for a car share program. The luxury of not having to worry about a vehicle when I’m out with friends is key.

Q: What do you use the service for?

I use ReachNow when my own personal car is out of commission, or when it’s more convenient like when I’m meeting friends for drinks. This way, I can drive a ReachNow BMW one way and then take an Uber home.

Q: How does ReachNow make your life more convenient or more fun?

There is definitely a great convenience factor of not having to pay for parking when I’m out, and being able to drop the BMW essentially anywhere within the home area is great. Plus, getting to drive nice, zippy cars is really fun.

Q: Why do you prefer car sharing over car ownership?

I do both. Car sharing provides an additional convenience factor to car ownership, especially in a city where parking can be very tight with tight timeframes.

Patrick Buckley

Whether you’re a car owner or not, it seems you can add more convenience and more fun to your lifestyle with ReachNow in your back pocket. Click here to discover more about becoming a member today.

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