Citations, Towed Vehicles and Tolls

With ReachNow, our members are free of many of the hassles and expenses related to driving a private vehicle, like insurance and maintenance fees. However, as we become integrated with the urban landscapes of Seattle and Portland, there are still (at times) certain costs associated with using shared mobility. While we have worked hard to streamline our processes and make our services as cost-effective and convenient as possible, certain expenses related to parking violations, driving citations and tolls are still applicable when driving a ReachNow vehicle. Should you incur an additional expense related to the above scenarios, here’s what you can expect as a ReachNow member.

Per the ReachNow Membership Agreement, Members are responsible for extra fees incurred during their trips that are associated with parking violations, driving citations, and tolls. You will find more detailed terms outlined in your agreement.
When a driving or parking violation occurs in a ReachNow vehicle, you will be notified within 3 months of the violation, at which point you will be responsible for the charges. As an added courtesy, we waive the first violation processing fee for you, only billing you for the original citation amount.  

We aim to streamline our processing and turnaround times for violations and citations, and look forward to reducing the delay time in notifying our members of such additional charges. 

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